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                                                                    Wayne sings "Yesterday"  Live @ the Hill Bar in Covington - 1994

                                                                   Jim George sings "No Parking" Live @ The Hill Bar in Covington - 1994

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                                                                        First promotional picture - 1991
       Back Row L - R: Fred Landry (Vocals), Mike Palermo (Trumpet), Jeffrey Fournet (Tenor Sax), Steve Hutter (Bari Sax)
                                               Rhett Glindmeyer (Guitar & Vocals), Rusty Yates (Keyboard & Vocals)
                                               Front Row L - R: Terry Acosta (Bass), Brian Brignac (Drums)

                                                                         At RT's in Baton Rouge - 1992

Front L - R:                   Wayne Lohr (Keyboard & Vocals),     Brian Brignac (Drums),        Barney Floyd (Trumpet)

Back Row L - R:  Jeffrey Fournet (Tenor Sax),  Rhett Glindmeyer (Guitar & Vocals),  Roger Blevins (Bass),  Sean Kenny (Bari & Alto Sax)

             Al Carlo            Wayne Lohr        Dennis DeBruler     Thomas Timpani     Sean Kenny  Jim George  Jeffrey Fournet
                                                                               Krewe of Adonis Mardi Gras Ball
                                                                                              Morgan City
- 1994

                                                                        Shrimp & Petroleum Festival - 1993

               Across L - R:  Rhett Glindmeyer (Guitar & Vocals), Willis Dauzat (Bass & Vocals),  Steve Dugas (drums), 
   Jimmy Burtchaell (Trumpet),  Jeffrey Fournet (Tenor Sax),  Wayne Lohr (Keyboard & Vocals),  Sean Kenny (Bari & Alto Sax)  


                                                                                       Tamale Festival in Zwolle - 1993

   L - R: Rhett Glindmeyer, Willis Dauzat, Steve Dugas (Drums) Barney Floyd, Jeffrey Fournet, Sean Kenny, Wayne Lohr


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                                                                                          At The House Of Blues  - 1994

                                        Jeffrey  Fournet                           Sean Kenny                            Thomas Timpani


                                                                                          HOB - 1994                                                                                                                                                 
                      Jeffrey Fournet                                      Sean Kenny        Jim George                                 Thomas Timpani                                                                                                                                                                                                              
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